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It is said that our ancestors have been making paper in this area blessed with nature since before 1,300 years ago, in San'in/Inshu, where various traditions take root.We use carefully selected raw materials and techniques from the famous washi producing areas throughout Japan. We use every detail and carefully deliver each item from Tottori, the place of origin.

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Our paper making

We mainly use natural ingredients to develop products that fully capture the rich natural blessings of Saji and Aoya, Tottori Prefecture.

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Washi paper that carefully and painstakingly reveals the toughness that leads the times.

Inshu Washi has developed a variety of washi products, including calligraphy paper, senshi paper, and crafts, while maintaining good old traditions. Our commitment to paper continues, evolves further, and will continue to be passed down from now on.

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